Jan Rakeseder

I`m a passionate photographer who loves to be in the Nature. I`m from Switzerland and live in Australia.

I grew up in a Christian family in Switzerland and I learned a lot about life in the last few years. I finished my apprenticeship and the obligatory time in the Army and it was on the time to set new priorities and life goals. One of my biggest life goals is: To Change The World.  

Jan Rakeseder @Blue Mountains

Changing the world to a better place together!

“To change and influence the world with a lifestyle of honour, by being inclusive and outreaching, learning more through intimacy, and living a life as an example in obedience by empowering and encouraging others!”

; - Jan Rakeseder - ;

Jan Rakeseder @Train Station

Why i run this Website and a Instagram/Facebook page is simple. I realy believe that we can Change The World to a better place. It is so easy to be angry and frustrated but I want to bring joy and happynes into this world. I want to encourage people to live their dreams and be happy. I want to start changing in my area and finish with the whole world.

Jan Rakeseder @Bondi Beach

You can read inspirations and see new pictures on my Instagram and Facebook page. I would love to hear and answer your comments. Feel free to text me or to leave a comment on my pictures. 

Have a great day and enjoy life, you just have the opportunity to live it once.