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All You Want To Know

Our Story:

Bara Pictures was founded at the 1st of January 2017. But how did it all come to happen?


The founder of Bara Pictures (Jan Rakeseder) started taking pictures in August 2014. It all started out just small but over two years it progressed quite fast. Jan has a good friend (Marco) who is a graphic-designer. He teached him all he had to know about landscape- and panoramic photography. They went on many shooting trips to the mountains in those two years. ​


After this season of learning the skills and all he had to know, in 2016 Jan had moved to Australia. There he started to think bigger. First he got more interested in landscape pictures with people in it but after a while he found himself deeply into portrait photography. ​


Now we are writing the year 2018 and its been an awesome year so far. Bara Picture is fully passionate for portraits, events and landscape photography. ​


We learned a lot and keep learning new stuff. We are on fire to inspire others to do the same. Thats why we say:


Created to Inspire, Empower and Encourage.

Created to Inspire, Empower and Encourage


To live means to learn, to learn means to change, to change means to explore. To explore and to see new things makes us able to value the normal. To value the normal allows us to enjoy our lives in a supernatural way.


Your Story:

A story you can decide where to go. 

You have an exciting and fun future in front of you.


An experience that is never going to fade and Pictures which help to remember the feelings and people. 

How would our lives look like without memories? 

Contact us and start to capture your precious events for your future.

Why Bara?

The Word Bara is originally a Hebrew word. In Hebrew, words have normally more than just one meaning and thats the same with this word. 

Its definition and usage is found in the Hebrew Bible Lexicon and other ancient writings.

Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon Definition:

  1. to create, shape, form 

    1. (Qal) to shape, fashion, create (always with God as subject) 

      1. of heaven and earth 

      2. of individual man 

      3. of new conditions and circumstances 

      4. of transformations 

    2. (Niphal) to be created 

      1. of heaven and earth 

      2. of birth 

      3. of something new 

      4. of miracles 


The word Bara appears 52 times in the Old Testament with its different meanings. It is also the third word in the whole bible where God is talking about the creation of the world.


Bara with the meaning created appears 32 times in the Old Testament and thats where we get our name from. Created through God, from God. Its an act only God can do. We are humans and can creatively design but only God can create something out of nothing.

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